DIY Faceplate for the Gilmore Jr – by Martin

DIY Faceplate for the Gilmore Jr – by Martin

Guytronix would like to thank Martin from UK for sending pics of his Gilmore Jr, along with providing us all with what looks like an excellent DIY Faceplate! Check out Martins self-made cab:

Martin's Template for Gilmore Jr Faceplate

Martin’s Template for Gilmore Jr Faceplate

Martin has sent us the print of his faceplate, in case anyone wants one for themselves! You can click the pic to the left to get to the full sized image.

How he did it:

I printed onto OHP Acrylic in a normal inkjet printer, and then using Acrylic Gold Spray paint, I painted the reverse of it, and it comes out perfect, looks very professional. Camera doesn’t do it justice. Martin, UK

Martin recommends printing it and checking it for size. He also points out that if you use OHP Acrylic and want to paint it, that you must use Acrylic paint, as ordinary Car Spray will melt it. It needs to be sprayed slowly & lightly, building up layers, or it gets messy.

Thanks Martin! Excellent build!

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