Speakers for the Ardmore and Gilmore Jr Tube Amp Kits

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Recommended speakers for the Gilmore Jr. 1/2 Watt Kit

Weber British Series Blue Dog Ceramic Speaker

Weber British Series Blue Dog Ceramic Speaker

My favorite speaker for the Gilmore Jr. is the Weber British Series 12″ Ceramic Blue Dog @ 16 ohms, with light dope, and pre-broken-in.

My next favorite speaker for the Gilmore Jr. is the 12″ Blue Dog, AlNiCo,  with light dope, 16 ohms.

If you have an available 2×12 Cab, or want to source a donor 2×12 Cab or Combo – the Ceramic Blue Dog and AlNiCo Blue Dog sound amazing together – if you go for this setup, be sure to get them in 8 ohms and wire them in series for a total load of 16 Ohms. Click Here to see a wiring diagram.

Recommended speakers for the Ardmore 8 Watt Kit

Weber Speakers British Series Ceramic 1265

Weber Speakers British Series Ceramic 1265

For the Ardmore, I like Weber’s Ceramic 1265 at 8 ohms with light dope.

My next favorite is the 12″ 8 ohm Weber AlNiCo 1265. If you want to tame the aggression, go for the AlNiCo. AlNiCo breaks up earlier, but it is not an aggressive breakup. It is smoother than the ceramic.

The 1265 Ceramic and AlNiCo sound fantastic when paired together and driven by the Ardmore. When pairing these together in a 2×12, wire 4 ohm speakers in series or 16 ohm speakers in parallel for a total load of 8 Ohms.

What’s the difference between Ceramic and AlNiCo?

Weber does a great job explaining this in detail:

… The whole ‘AlNiCo mojo’ is about smooth compression at high average levels, such as what you would have running the amp flat out. AlNiCo (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt) is an alloy magnet and all alloy magnets are easier to demagnetize than comparable Ceramic (Strontium Ferrite) magnets.

Click Here to Read more at “Let’s Talk Speakers” at TedWeber.com

Have questions about how another speaker will sound with the Gilmore Jr. or the Ardmore? Feel free to Call or Email. I love to talk tone! Sales@Guytronix.com or 703.690.1339

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