Friends of Guytronix

  • Gerhart Amplification – Gerhart Amplification is dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional tone and quality in handmade Vaccum Tube Guitar and Bass Amplifiers. Guytronix’s Guru.
  • GearManDude – The PewDiePie of Rock n’ Roll! White Coily Cable!!!
  • DIY-Fever – A truly incredible DIY site! Check out the travel size Les Paul, and the 5W SLO with EL91 Power Tubes!
  • KCA NOS Tubes – Worlds largest selection of guitar amp tubes.
  • Weber Speakers – making the World a bit louder each day! Great Products and Service. Guytronix is an authorized Weber Products Reseller.
  • McMusic Sound – Looking for a Professional Recording Studio while in Nashville? This is it! Innovative recording Engineer, Bob McGilpin, captures your Musical Soul at it’s finest. Custom Amp enclosures and speaker cabinets too!
  • Mercury Magnetics – Premium upgrade and replacement transformers exclusively for guitar amps. All Guytronix amp kits come with Mercury Magnetics Transformers!
  • Tuki Covers – Looking for a professionally built cover for your Guytronix Custom Combo Cabinet or Guytronix Kit Chassis?  Protect your equipment!  Tuki provides ‘glove-fit’ amp head, combo and speaker cabinet covers in an assortment of textures and colors.  Tuki can make a cover for anything!  The Customer is #1 at Tuki.
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