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  1. Good evening I met Richard Guy at the Guitar Center in Fairfax Va and he worked on my Ibanez 6 string and my Squire 5 string fender.
    Mr. Guy is highly experienced professional and Knowledgeable in all aspects of guitar and bass guitar. Mr. Guy is an asset to any organization
    that he works for. I will highly recommend Mr. Guy to all of my friends and associates. I will bring my other instruments in for servicing soon.

    Larry Hutchinson

  2. Thanks So Much , For the cool, easy to follow Diagram !! I will Definitely be checkin ” out Weber Products , Just based on the outstanding reputation and examples like this to help musicians learn, and excel in their quest for the tone they are seeking . Thanks Again ✌

  3. howzit, buffalo here, on the island of hawaii.(kona side) i am familier with gilmore sound. i like it. have been playing music, for 60 years this year, need a dependable, reliable, tube sound, that digital, just can not reproduce! i am very interested in an amp,pre-amp, i could put into an electric-guitars body. i like that ya’ll are there for people like myself.