Gilmore Jr 1/2 Watt Tube Amp Kit

Gilmore Jr. 1/2 Watt Tube Amp Kit (Temporarily Unavailable)

Gilmore Jr with 2 Watt Mod

Gilmore Jr (shown with 2 Watt Mod)

The Gilmore Jr. is a simple yet versatile 1/2 watt DIY guitar tube amp kit. It uses only 2 tubes and has a volume and tone control.  The 6N1P output tube is configured as self-split push pull.

The Gilmore Jr. Kit features Mercury Magnetics Transformers, one 12AX7 & one 6N1P Tubes, Controls: Volume & Tone, FR4 Turret Board with turrets installed.

The complete kit includes all mounting hardware, grommets, and hookup wire. Hardware is stainless steel and brass. The end caps are oak and are unfinished in the photos. The board is 1/8″ thick FR4 and shipped with the turrets installed. The board measures 4.125″ X 5.625″ (~105mm X 143mm). Keystone 1503-4 turrets are used and feature two levels with the components attached at the top and the wires attached at the bottom.

The Gilmore Jr ships with one 12AX7 and one 6N1P, but it can also use 12AT7, 12AU7 or 12AY7 as preamp tubes. A 12AX7 in the preamp will give the most gain, followed by the 12AT7, the 12AU7, and finally the 12AY7 which will provide the least amount of gain as a preamp tube. With the Two Watt Mod adapter socket, you can use ECC99, 12AT7, 12AU7, or 12AY7 (listed from highest gain to lowest) as output tubes. Please do NOT use a 12AX7 as an output tube!

We recommend starting the Gilmore Jr. build as stock first – however we do have some mods to alter the voicing. The V Mod will give the amp a bit more chime, and the M Mod will give it a bit more gain.

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*some images are of the previous white chassis, current version chassis are black.

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