Ardmore / Gilmore Jr. Amp Kit Custom Combo Cabinet

Ardmore / Gilmore Jr. Amp Kit Custom Combo Cabinet

Gilmore Jr Combo Cab

Custom Combo Cab

Our Custom Combo Cabinet is made-to-order. If you are interested, please contact us at or Call 703.690.1339

Want to build a combo with your Guytronix tube amp kit? Don’t want to use an extension cab? Not interested in finding and re-purposing a “donor amp”? The made-to-order Guytronix Combo Cabinets are offered not only as a ‘gussy-up’ for your Gilmore Jr. and Ardmore Kits, but also play a very significant role in support of your amps’ tone. Only top-notch materials are used throughout.


  • Accommodates 12″ Speaker
  • Baltic Birch Construction
  • Black Levant
  • JTM 30 Black and Tan Grill Cloth
  • Gold Metal Mesh Vent
  • Gold Piping
  • Gold Handle End caps
  • Large Rubber Feet
  • Threaded ‘T’ Nut Construction
  • 21″ H x 24″ W x 9″ D
  • Shipping Weight 28.75 pounds (13.06 Kg)


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